This website owes its very existance and continued updates to a number of people:

The Authors who wrote about the events referred to

The written word has been a powerful tool in ensuring that events that some, for various reasons, may have preferred were forgotten about, ignored, or even covered up, have been documented accordingly so that people, if they so wish, can read about such items.

Those who have visited this Site

Without knowing of the growing number of people who have visited this Site plus the encouragement and compliments received from some of them, I might have not been as positive as I am that there are many "out there" who are already aware of the injustices that people went through from 1945 to 1950. I trust visitor numbers will not only increase but that many will return and not be disappointed by the updates that I will endeavour to post.

Those who have similar Sites

It has not only been a real pleasure to "find" Sites on the Internet that also refer to the events that this Site is focussed on, but also, in some cases, to communicate with the "owners" of those sites. "Long may their Sites continue to inform and educate".

Those who have assisted me with this Site

My appreciation here goes to:

  • Mike N who taught me how to use the "Wikidot functionality". Without his assistance (and continued answers to my "just another wikidot question" e-mails) there simply just would not be a Site.
  • Peter R. Aikman who has been a source of encouragement since he first visited the Site. His invaluable contribution has included sending me twenty books on the Flight and Expulsion and associated subjects. I have just started to read the first one in that consignment. The authors of these books will, when I have read their work, join the authors on this Site as a way of thanking them for "putting pen to paper". My sincerest thanks to Peter for this.
  • Garry Gillett who sadly passed away earlier this year. Conversations with him, occuring at the same time that I was reading "After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation" by Giles MacDonogh, reinforced the awareness as to the events of 1945 to 1950 that I had hitherto been unaware of. R.I.P.

Those who endured the events of 1945 to 1950

Obviously without the events of that period ocurring there would not be a reason for this Site to exist. If only that could have been the case. But, because events happened that require to be told about, there is this and other Sites. This Site is dedicated to the men, women and children who endured such ordeals that those of us born afterwards can simply not comprehend. But at least ignorance is no longer an excuse.

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