Authors referenced on this Website

The following is a list, in alphabetical order, of the authors who have written books that I have read on the subjects in question:

Going to any of these pages will basically provide a list of "Recommended Reading" that may be of interest to those seeking to inform and enlighten themselves on a subject that for too long would appear to have been, intentionally or not, hidden from the general public.

Categories of Authors

The authors that this website intends to "point" to could be placed into three categories:

Authors who are sharing their own, parents, and / or family's personal experiences
Included here would be:
Ingrid Andor, Kamilla C. Chadwick, Katherine Hoeger Flotz, Eva Krutein, Gunter Nitsch, Karl Ries, Wolfgang Samuel, Regina Maria Shelton and Elizabeth Walter

Ingrid Andor, Katherine Hoeger Flotz and Elizabeth Walter tell us about the Ethnic Germans escaping from Yugoslavia, whilst Regina Maria Shelton tells us about what happened in Silesia and her return there in the 1980s, whereas Kamilla C. Chadwick, Eva Krutein, Gunter Nitsch, Karl Ries and Wolfgang Samuel tell us about their escape from East Prussia and Germany itself.

Academics conducting research into that period
Included here would be:
Frank Biess who researched the return of two million German soldiers and POWs to what became East and West Germany and Brigitte Neary and Holle Schneider-Ricks who compiled and translated the memories recounted by a number of German women expelled from East Central Europe.

Historians researching that period and events that led up to it
Included here would be:
James Bacque, Patrick Buchanan, Alfred de Zayas, David Irving, Ralph Keeling and Giles MacDonogh who have uncovered many things that have been long hidden. Whether on purpose or not I leave for each reader to make their own decision on. A.J.P. Taylor would, in my humble opinion, be in a seperate "category" as his examination is, in terms of the particular book of his referred to, purely of the events that led up to the war and not, as is the case with the other authors mentioned, of the resulting events that happened after the war.

NB: My categorization above is based on my own view as to the authors' "role" with no disrespect meant to any of the authors, some of whom could be seen as much more than the "box" I have placed them in.

The Flight and Expulsion

An "introduction" to what is referred to as "The Flight and Expulsion" of both Germans and Ethnic Germans (Die Vertreibung or Flucht und Vertreibung) can be found here NB: Opens in a new window

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