From the Perspective of Whom?

Another phrase that comes to mind when researching the afore-mentioned subject matter is:

History is written by the victors

The more I come across the blatant lies, distortions of the truth and examples of the success that ongoing manipulations by the media and others have had with regard to getting the "masses" in a number of counties to accept things as being "the gospel truth", the more it confirms the fact that history certainly is written by the victors. Without going to the ultimate view of "Trust no-one, Question everything, Believe nothing!", at least ponder the questions of "who can one believe?" or "what is the truth?"

The more I delve, the more I learn and a phrase that now seems applicable to the subject matter in question is from George Orwell:

Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act

The Places of Interest of this Website

My interest, and therefore the focus in this website, is on what happened in the following places:

  • Germany
  • Baltic States
  • Former eastern territories:
    • Silesia or Schlesien, East Prussia, West Prussia, Pomerania, Sudetenland, East Brandenburg
  • Expellees:
    • Yugoslavia: Danube Swabians or Donauschwaben, Romania, Hungary: Danube Swabians or Donauschwaben, Poland, Czechoslovakia

How it got started

My first exposure to this subject was when I read "After the Reich" by Giles MacDonogh. It opened up a whole new history as far as I was concerned; a case of revealing a history that has been ignored or hidden for what may be many reasons. I then began reading more books on this subject. The more I read the more I realised that there was so much more that remained unread and untold. The authors, whose books I have read, all seem to have wanted people to know "what really happened". I humbly wish to support their objectives by creating this website which I hope will point other people into searching for the truth in a currently largely ignored part of history.

Where is it going? - Updated 2nd May 2011

The more I have read about what happened between 1945 and 1950, the more I found I needed to know to understand what led to this. Firstly I found myself reading about events that happened towards the end of the war; then to events occuring during the war and then to the events that led up to the beginning of hostilities in 1939. But it didn't stop there! There were things that had occured after the end of World War One that seemed to have a direct bearing on later events e.g. The Treaty of Versailles. Surprisingly, to me anyway, I was then drawn back to earlier history! I do not know what period I need to read further about now and therefore do not know what period this website will eventually cover. My aim is still to focus on the period 1945 to 1950; but I do not apologise if I relate to books and other websites that I feel may have a direct or indirect reference to that period in question.
Having read and researched a fair bit since my first exposure to what actually happened between 1945 and 1950, I now look at Germany from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day with a whole new perpective. What has really surprised me the most is the manner in which Germany has been and continues to be treated.
Due to this I am contemplating extending the period covered by the website to include earlier and more recent times:

  • 1950 to the present day
  • 1945 to 1950 (the current period covered)
  • 1939 to 1945 (the war crimes committed against Germany e.g. the strategic bombing by the USAF and RAF of towns and cities in Germany)
  • 1918 to 1939 (From the Treaty of Versailles to 1939 -the build up to WWII)
  • 1918 to 1919 (The Treaty of Versailles - the inevitable cause of WWII)
  • 1914 to 1918 (the war crimes committed against Germany during WWI)
  • 1900 to 1914 (to provide a background as to what was to lead to WWI and WWII)
  • 1800 to 1900 (the Battle of Waterloo and the Congress of Vienna - Prussia proved to be a great ally of England; what changed that?)

A Comment to Vistors - Updated 2nd May 2011

My greatest regret with this website remains the almost total "non-use" of the Forum on it. That of course means…..

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