Baltic States

Baltic Sea

One of the greatest tragedies coming out of the Baltic States "arena" was the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea.
On its way, as part of Operation Hannibal, from Gotenhafen to Kriel it was sunk by a Soviet submarine resulting in over 9,000 deaths.
Further information can be obtained on a growing number of websites of which this one as well as this one are just two.

Another was the sinking of the Steuben on 9th February 1945 by the same Soviet submarine that had sunk the Wilhelm Gustloff just over a week earlier, this time resulting in about 3,000 deaths.

Also included in this list of maritime tragedies was the sinking of the Goya on 16th April 1945 where possibly 8,000 people died, wounded Wehrmacht troops and civilians, by a Soviet submarine.

Between two and three million Germans were evacuated to the West by sea. Some eight hundred vessels participated in this evacuation. [1]

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