Chadwick, Kamilla C.

Title: "The War according to Anna: A Paean to My Mother"
Author: Kamilla C. Chadwick
Publisher: Seven Stones Press, Star Route, Box 50, Woodside, CA 94062
ISBN: 0-940249-00-6
Comments: What I felt the author did really well, when relating the events of her childhood, was the way in which she really enabled one to return to the days of one's own childhood! It clearly showed what being young in Germany, or anywhere else for that matter, was all about, before one grows up and one's view of the world changes. The words she used when relating her experiences of being a child in Berlin reminded me of the innocence of youth though, being male, I will leave it to female readers to agree with her comment of "Four and five are the best years of all for a girl".

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