Deak, Istvan, Gross, Jan T. & Judt, Tony

Title: "The Politics of Retribution in Europe: World War II and its Aftermath"
Author: Istvan Deak, Jan T. Gross and Tony Judt, Editors
Publisher: Princeton University Press, 41 William Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA
ISBN: 0-691-00954-6
Comments: Though this book helps obtain an understanding of the political world of 1945 to 1948 as it was in Europe and therefore describes the background in which the ethnic Germans were placed in precarious positions with often terrible results, I was a little disappointed with the lack of examination of the plight of the Expellees and the Germans (both civilian and military) in Czechoslavakia and Yugoslavia and what they endured. One interesting comment made identifies why Hungary (along with Germany) felt territorial revision was an ongoing issue in the 1920s and 30s (Page 233):

Hungary suffered perhaps the geatest defeat of the nations involved in the First World War. At the Trianon Peace Treaty in 1920, the victorious entente powers legitimized the forcible loss to its neighbours of two-thirds of Hungary's territory, which meant, amongst other things, that three million ethnic Hungarians became subjects of the so-called successor states.

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