Hoeger Flotz, Katherine

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Title: "A Pebble in My Shoe: A Memoir"
Author: Katherine Hoeger Flotz
Publisher: Pannonia Press, P.O. Box 1062, Palatine, Illinois 60078-1062
ISBN: 0-9657793-3-5
Comments: This was the third book I read on the events surrounding the genocide of the ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia after having read about the experiences related by Ingrid Andor and Elizabeth Walter. The book did not go into the same detail as those by the other two authors instead covering a wider timespan with more about the author and her future husband's journey to the US of A. I don't think it gives anything away by saying that my view was that it showed, as do many of these "personal journeys", two very important things; that maternal love goes a long way in helping children get through difficult times and also the value of "the family". Katherine Hoeger Flotz tells more here: http://www.dvhh.org/batschka/history/Post_WWII/leidensweg/flotz.htm wikidot NB: Opens in a new window

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