Pillage and rape in the ruins Mass deportations and attemped genocide POWs starved to death as official policy
This was NOT during the war! This was NOT done by the Axis forces! This was done BY the ALLIED POWERS!

The Focus of this Website (Last Updated: 7th January 2012)

Patrick Buchanan, the American journalist, stated:

"The whole world knows about what the Germans did, but the world knows nothing about what was done to the Germans"

"Die Welt weiss alles, was die Deutschen getan haben; die Welt weiss nichts von dem, was den Deutschen angetan wurde"

The following was not written originally by me, but by another person who, in my humble opinion, sums up the situation that faces those of us who feel that history has certainly been written by the victors, which he has kindly given me permission to use.

"What animates us is a sense of unease (and sometimes outrage) at the way Germany continues to be treated and viewed by the rest of the world, as well as the thoroughly unbalanced, biased version of modern history as it is applied to Germany. As an example, the continuing emphasis on German war guilt for WWI and WWII (including Nazi atrocities), while no modern history syllabus teaches anyone about the very real Holocaust inflicted on Germany (and particularly Prussia) by the various victor nations in 1945 and after"

In order to promote the sharing of information on this subject, this website will attempt to provide an introduction to those authors who have written about what happened to:

  • German civilians in Germany
  • Ethnic German Expellees
  • German POWs

The three objectives of this website - Updated 7th January 2012

This website has been online since August 2009 and during that time I have had the opportunity of reading many books on the topics that are covered here as well as been advised of or encountered various websites that focus on similar subjects. As there is no need in repeating what is covered elsewhere I am now in the process of "redesigning" the approach of this website and turn it more into a "portal" with three main objectives:

  1. To provide brief comments on and links to Books / Authors: by providing sufficient info and links where possible to enable visitors to research further
  2. To provide links to other Websites: To other sites on the internet where further information may be obtained on specific topics
  3. To provide links to Films: As above except this time the focus is on films the visitor may wish to know more about

This may take a bit of time as I do not have "unlimited time" to spend on this site; though slowly but surely it will be done.
I hope that this then will be of more value to readers and those who have an interest in the subjects covered.

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