Krutein, Eva

Title: "Eva's War"
Author: Eva Krutein
Publisher: Amador Publishers, P.O. Box 12335, Albuquerque, NM 87195
ISBN: 0-938513-08-7 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0-938513-09-5 (Hardcover)
Comments: Her comment "With sudden enlightenment I saw the great crowd of war victims, now and in the past, that no history book ever talked about. The suffering women, children and old people, whose families and homes had been destroyed. Why were they never included in the final summary of a war's costs? Only soldiers and weapons were accounted for." seems to me anyway, to sum up what the Flight and Expulsion or Flucht und Vertreibung was all about. Even more graphic is her recollection of a radio report "Guten Abend. The stream of expellees from the East is flooding into Berlin day and night. Of the more than 30,000 arrivals ten percent are dead. Another ten percent die within days after reaching Berlin. The remainder are half-starved and ill. Ninety-five percent are women and children, and five percent of the men are over seventy years old. Almost all women have been raped by Russian soldiers repeatedly and are receiving medical treatment to prevent the spread of venereal diseases." This report according to Eva Krutein then continued with "The practice of raping women has no age barrier. Women of eighty and children of six years have been violated. The number of suicides among these women is in the thousands" before also adding, prior to the radio being turned off "The expulsion of fourteen million East Germans had been agreed to by the Allies in Yalta and in Berlin".

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