Neary, Brigitte & Schneider-Ricks, Holle
FOGC%20Voices%20of%20Loss%20and%20Courage%20book%20Cover.gif Displayed with the permission of the author I have read one book by Brigitte Neary and Holle Schneider-Ricks: "Voices of Loss and Courage: German Women Recount Their Expulsion from East Central Europe, 1944 - 1950" This was an extremely moving book. The experiences documented are eye-openers. I have the greatest admiration for not only these women, due to what they went through as children or youngsters, but also for their mothers, due to the courage and sheer determination that they displayed whilst they endured so many difficult things in order to escape with their children from such cruel and barbarous situations that the Allied leaders had placed them in. Thoroughly absorbing recollections.
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