Nitsch, Gunter

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Title: "Weeds Like Us"
Author: Gunter Nitsch
Publisher: AuthorHouseTM UK Ltd. 500 Avebury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2BE
ISBN: 978-1-4259-6755-0 (sc)
Comments: This was one of those books that I couldn't put down and couldn't wait to find out "what happened next". On many occassions I found myself drawn to looking at the front cover, finding the photograph there "drawing me into his world"; one though that I could not relate to. I compared what he went through with what I was doing at his age; there was no comparison at all. All along it was thoroughly absorbing. I'm pretty certain I will be reading this book again in the not too distant future so I don't think there can be much of a better recomendation than that.

Someone else who read "Weeds Like Us" is Gavin Templeton, who has kindly given me permission to quote his review of the book:
"This man survived the impossible during the genocide inflicted on his historic home land of East Prussia between 1945 and 1949. He was only seven years old. (East Prussia dates back to 900AD and is now split between Russia and Poland). For me this was a motivational read. It was compelling and made not turning to the next page impossible throughout. Gunter survived the ordeal with most of his family. He lives in New York with his wife and is the proud father of two boys. He still has his broad East Prussian accent, which permiates his excellent English. If you are interested in becoming motivated, strong in mind and learning to survive the most appauling things life may deliver, then you should read this. I highly recomend it. This is a hero's life. Ein Heldenleben".

An interview with Gunter Nitsch can be found here: NB: Opens in a new window

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